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Harmonizing passion and purpose, one melody at a time, to bridge cultures and inspire generations.

In this special place, we bring together the power of faith and the joy of music. I’m the creator behind it all, and my main work, “10 Songs in 10 Days,” is not just a simple guide. It’s like a wonderful journey through the world of music and spirituality.

A Beautiful Combination

Imagine a world where music fills the air in churches everywhere. “10 Songs in 10 Days” is like our musical guidebook, made especially to answer the call from churches. It’s proof that we’re more than just words on a page.

For Pastors, Musicians, and Anyone Curious

I’ve played many roles in life – a pastor, a musician, and someone searching for meaning. This program I’ve created welcomes everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from. It’s a friendly place to discover your musical talents.

Let Your Music Shine

No matter if you’re new to music or have some experience, you’re invited to discover your inner musician. It’s like finding a key to unlock your potential. Together, we’ll create something wonderful – music that makes people feel happy and inspired.

Come Along on This Musical Journey

I’m reaching out to you, asking you to join me on this musical adventure. Let’s work together to make something truly beautiful – music that brings happiness, melodies that touch the heart, and songs that make life more special.

Welcome to Music 4 All Churches, where faith and music come together in a beautiful way.


I’m Hulengansodji (JB) Gnonlonfoun, a Beninese American singer, pianist, and music teacher based in New York City. A few years back, I had the incredible opportunity to bring my music band, Jomion and the Uklos, all the way from Benin Republic to the United States. Harvard University extended a warm invitation for us to lead a workshop on Beninese traditional music.

Presently, I’m dedicated to nurturing the musical talents of students at Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York, serving as the Director of Volta, the African Drumming Ensemble. In addition to my academic role, I’ve had the privilege of serving as a lead singer at numerous church events spanning New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Miami, Houston, Indianapolis, and beyond.

The driving force behind my creation of “10 Songs in 10 Days” is a concern close to my heart. It’s a challenge I’ve often encountered within African community churches in the US – a shortage of dedicated musicians and the worry about the future of musical talent in these communities. Through this project, I’m determined to address these issues and pave the way for a brighter future for musicians in our community.


Mobile: (+1) 857– 919 – 7194



Read Reviews by our Community

“If you are ready to positively transform your life, then read and absorb the strategies in this brilliant book by my friend JB Gnonlonfoun! JB truly cares about helping others and his ideas will make a positive difference in your life!"

James Malinchak

Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire” (Viewed by 50 Million+ Worldwide) Authored 27 Books, Delivered 3,000 Presentations & 2,000 Consultations Best-Selling Author, Millionaire Success Secrets Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

"JB’s brilliant musical skills, his capacity to teach complex gospel musical pieces to novices in short periods of time and his ability to inspire young ones to enjoy playing the piano have made his musical work a “must-read""

Dr Israel C. Nnah

Former Student

“Mr JB is a teacher whose teaching skills and ability to affect students positively cannot be overemphasized. He reaches the least motivated student through his patience and words of encouragement. He is well grounded in the mastery of what he teaches.”

Esther Famuyiwa


"JB’s teaching method is thorough and instructive, which helps build a concrete foundation in developing interests and skills in playing the piano"

Emmanuel Adesanlu

Former Student

"Mr JB taught me, not only piano skills but also how to be patient and stay dedicated even when it was frustrating at times. It was challenging for me but with prof JB’s guidance I was able to learn and enjoy at the end."



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